Come Home to Colourful world of BergerXP! Indiblogger Meet!!

I believe, I was one of the last bloggers to receive the Invite for BergerXP Indibloggers meet at Mumbai as action point – Register Here showed 89% full and I was quite surprised at that, not only this attendees list was showing all regular bloggers whom I meet at Indiblogger meets. Probably I was included at the last moment. Anyways…as always I made some last minute changes to my Saturday program and set out for the event at Vivanta by Taj which was some 40 Kms from my place, all this & more for Indibloggers! As it was BergerXP event – the iconic Paint company, I decided to dress up colourfully to blend well with their world of colours.


Read on to know what happened at the Meet.

We were greeted by warm & welcoming Indiblogger team represented by Anoop, Nihal & Suzanna, who completed registration process in a jiffy after which we moved to the well lit backdrop by BergerXP where our pictures were clicked and sound bytes were taken, I felt nothing short of a celebrity there.

Forum was open for Lunch now! It was one of the very few events which served lunch prior to the event, pehle pet puja, phir kaam dooja! The Buffet spread of Vivanta by Taj looked quite interesting and tempting at the same time. It was very sumptuous meal comprising of green salad spread, cream almond soup, dal makhani, paneer bhurji, green Thai curry, biryani, chicken, fish with dessert comprising of my favourite Gajar Halwa and Pine Apple Pastries. I enjoyed my meal while talking to fellow bloggers: Sanjay Thampi, Vinita, Sujata Tawde, Riddhi, Anu Goyal…many!

Now it was time for the event to start and surprises to unfold. Sprightly Anoop lighted the stage with his exuberance and took bloggers for some warm up exercises, dance moves, swimming …concluding with musical chair. Our team member Riddhi Sharma won the game!


This was followed by Colourful & Interesting presentation by BergerXP, young Product Development Manager, Chandranath who took us through the colourful journey of the brand which makes our lives colourful. Started in 1758 by Louis Berger, it started as a small chemical process which moved on to become one of the largest & iconic brands of the world today. The brand features in Top 10 by Economic Times. Indeed a very innovation driven & consumer focussed brand. For the first time I came to know what insights are needed for colouring our worlds which we treat as very mundane exercise.  A very interactive Q & A session followed after that.


Now was the time for activity, the setting was like that of a workshop where we were given head gears and hand gloves to clean the surface with sand papers. Our team Cleaners – titled – Zabardast Safai finished the job at hand with great speed and took time for clicking some selfies too. In the meantime, winners of twitter contest were also announced. In one day,  this was the maximum I had tweeted in my Twitter tenure and just loved doing it. But was surprised to note how creative rather quirky one can get on Twitter!

The last round of the day comprised dirtying our hands – literally with paints, mixers, thinners, brushes provided by Berger team to colour the canvas with theme Mumbai Meri Jaan. In the mean time we had a small session where we were shown how to mix colours which set the ball rolling.

Now the atmosphere turned somewhere close to college fest where all team heads called on team members to brief them about the theme and how to proceed in the matter. All charged up, we were ready with the plan where we planned to draw iconic symbol of Mumbai – The Gateway of India – Interspersed with Theme: Cleaner, Faster, Better. In our painting we decided to roll all those elements Mumbai is known for like: Local Trains, Metros, Sea-Link, Bhel Puri, Navi Mumbai, Dabba Wallas…more! I took to painting after ages…missed my daughter Tanya who would have done a fine job at this activity, probably lead us to the victory but that was not to be and we lost. Never mind, we attempted and attempted well.  The texture of paints was like Silk, it worked so well even on the sheet of paper, and we loved it. Winning entry deserved it well!


So what comprises Berger Express Painting System?

  • The process is completely mechanized
  • Undertaken by trained personnel.
  • Much faster than Traditional Painting – What is being done in two
    days in traditional painting can be done by Berger XP in just two hours
  • Dust-free process due to the vacuum-suction enabled
    sanding machines
  • Granting excellent finish & texture to the surface
  • Painting done with professional Hand Painting Tools 

To sum it up: Berger Express Painting by Berger Paints is a revolutionary concept of painting homes with the help of automatic machines to give faster, cleaner & better results every time, as compared to traditional process of printing!

You can experience all this & more by just sending an SMS XP to 56767.

Now you can change the way, you paint your home with automatic machines as T 20 of paints is here!


Sipping Masala Chai all through, we reached the last leg of the event, with some more prizes, photo ops & group photo in the end. Though, I have never won any Indiblogger contest ever since my association, hope to win one with this Entry! ( Disclaimer: Hard feelings are injurious for health)

Hope you enjoyed reading the post & made up your mind for #BergerXP Express painting system

This post is written for Indiblogger for BergerXP meet in Mumbai on February 11, 2017.



























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