Lock down and some unusual revelations!

Lockdown is quite a revelation in many respects like how to stay indoors, what to do indoors, what takes how much time and what is the deadly combo of “Work from Home and Work for home”. But for the first time closely observed swift movement of day & night, the cycle of 24 hrs. Was life always like this? Were days and nights moved in the same cycle? Or was there something amiss? 

I marvel, how time was passing then, hectic mornings, rush to office, the mad rush of work, train travel back and amidst all this, we were cooking, cleaning, reading…what not! We were attending functions, visiting friends and relatives, hanging out at malls, shopping sprees…now all this has come to a grinding halt.

Life is certainly more peaceful with its leisurely mornings, lavish lunches, evening tea with snacks with tea time tales along with some business-related work and some worthwhile dinner discussions.  Aren’t we enjoying this life when there is no pressure of dressing up, rush to catch 8:20 local, board a cab to office and to follow the official rigmarole! A repeat performance in the evening. Till now we never knew when mornings started, when the day ended! Everything happened in a jiffy!

It was time when we wanted to admire this soulful number from movie Mausam – Dil Dhoondhta Hai…

But I have noticed that many people are devoting time on their long-lost hobbies, exploring hidden talents, spending time with family and children, connecting with old friends, watching the news, Ramayana, Mahabharat, playing instruments and if not all these, picking up quarrels/ arguments with spouses!!

Some are blogging like me!!

Never knew when mornings started, when the day ended!

Everything happened in a jiffy! We were wrapping so much in a day!!

We need to question ourselves, are we ready to embrace that life again? Not me certainly.

There is an aura of positivity, though this is the most overused word today. Every other person teaching others to remain positive.  Still, all of us feel that we are enveloped in some kind of negativity. What will happen to our lives post-COVID? Which way we are heading to?

Some days productive, some Uff…

The scenario is owning to spread of COVID19 which forced nations world over to force lockdown to arrest community spread of the deadly virus which has claimed lakhs of lives world over and still counting…

Corona…please have mercy on us humans!

Please gracefully exit from our lives!!!

3 thoughts on “Lock down and some unusual revelations!”

  1. Beautiful expression..
    Yes corona is a change in the way we looked at life…
    It is helping many to see a life beyond routine

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