Thoughts …

Where do our thoughts take us?

Where we want to go?

Or where we don’t want to go?

Where we want to be?

Or where we have to be?

With whom we want to be?

Or where we have to be?

You live one life on earth…

…you live another life in thoughts

Did you deserve this life?

…may be, may be not!

Is steering wheel of life in your hands?

Yes, you followed the charted path?

Yes, though you wanted diversion

You lost on time and opportunity

Think, may be diversion would have

Changed my destiny, made me happier

May be not! Put some breaks, who knows

Is life lived on: As is where is basis

Successful, Happy, Satisfying, Gratifying

May be, may not be!

Or heart-breaking, heart-wrenching

May be, may not be!

Who knows what looks hunky-dori

Is actually a cobweb of life

Which you have knotted for yourself

To make everyone happy

Is everyone actually happy?

When you sit with your thoughts…

There are questions, questions &

More questions

Time goes, Life goes, Beauty goes,

Your thoughts remain

You always think, you could have

You should have, you would have

Done this, done that

Which you didn’t

Never mind, if doing in your thoughts

Make you happy

You will die happily, at least!!

For life well – lived in your Thoughts!!

  • Forever BINS

Can dreams be quarantined?


Exquisite designs

Kaleidoscopic patterns

Perpetually weaving

We are the weavers

Thoughts are threads

Imagination, the needle

Mind, the fine fabric

Fingers move

Coming out of hiding

Making designs unique

Emerges on their own


A design once woven

Beckons life

Find a bridge across

Dream & Reality

Inside & Outside

Often the patterns mismatch

The gap

A source of constant pain

And drive


The patterns inside

Stick for long

Firmly etched in memories

Through the lifetimes

Wishful existence sometimes

Comes alive…though in sleep

Breaking like glass fragile

when awake

A deliberate divorce from reality harsh

Why weave, why dream?

Driven by forces unknown

Deftly fingers move

On their own Dreams cradle hope

Hope sustains life

And if life doesn’t stop

How could the weavers then?

You never stop dreaming

So why quarantine dreams?