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The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war!

Wondering why this quote today? There is no WAR, there is no PEACE, only CHAOS, CONFUSION & UNCERTAINTY.

Actually, I heard this phrase from my dear father who put it in the context of studies like if you study round the year, you would not have to slog during the exams. How apt it falls today when there is a war, well almost!

Indeed, one needs to prepare well for war in peace. You have to prepare, practise & perform round the year so that you bleed less when war happens or a war-like situation arises.

There is no war, but we are facing war like situation which is not fought by armies but every single individual living on this planet – COVID 19. These are trying times when we are overwhelmed with the annoying presence of unwanted guest in our lives. It has sent our world in a tizzy.

The organisations, institutions, business groups, individuals and celebrities who did good PR, maintained good relations with their stakeholders and communicated consistently are standing in good stead. We can’t say that as times are trying so we will stop all this and when times improve, we will restart. This is not going to work for anyone. You need to work during peace, to stay peaceful in war.

Hence, the role of PR becomes even more critical for enhancing the ‘Connectivity quotient’ as people are holed indoors and seeking information outdoors during Covid19.

To bridge the gap is the critical part of PR and Communications. Till now you have been talking to your target audience through Press- Releases, Media Communiques, Authored articles, product write-ups, product reviews what not!

Now, these have little relevance as people are under stress and are not receptive to such information. They need to be served information which is relevant to them during Covid19 while communicating the message which you want to send across.

Though content is the king, the medium is its chariot.

It is very important to look for mediums which can cater to the audience of the global village, where everyone is reaching out to each other through technology. You need to gauge the news you have coming up in the pipeline, which can be adapted to be more in tune with the issues.

The type of communication you deliver as a brand across your various channels needs to be sympathetic, compassionate, and sensitive to how people may be feeling during this difficult period.

Technology to take the lead not only in times of COVID19 but also in POST COVID19. The world would never be the same again…


In the post-Covid era, PR Mediums like Digital Newspaper editions, Digital Magazine editions, Digital Outreach through Blogs, E-Newsletters, E-Zines, Strong Social Media presence, Webinars, Thought Leadership, FB / Twitter Live / Regular articles/ reactions and News Website/organisation Website with chat lines would rule the roost. Traditional media would take the back seat as this war-like situation is not going to subside anytime soon.

So how can you achieve this?  

You can replace conventional PR with digital PR, where human angle/touch should hold the key. As we have noticed that conventional PR has limited audience vis-à-vis Digital PR which caters to the audience across the globe. There is a need to maintain a steady flow of information for which you can deploy new age media to connect with your target audience.

Another powerful tool which can send your message across in an effective manner is thought leadership. It would go a long way in establishing your brand as you can communicate through insightful articles, not necessarily about your brand.

You need to generate content which is compassionate and relevant with the time and with your audience.

Covid19 should not deter you from talking to your audience, you can use live video on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to engage your audience. Take time to produce regular videos that will benefit your strategy in post Covid19 era as well.

Peace doesn’t teach us that much, which war or a war-like situation can teach. So, what we have learnt with the onslaught of global pandemic Covid19? Never say Never – Keep communication channels alive, Even this Shall Pass Away – Prepare for the good times ahead, Explore new technologies/ outreach methods, What did not work then, will work now, One size doesn’t fit all – Tailor your content, Draw insights from the past to develop a strategy for future, Accept the new normal – say work from home and connect with like-minded people for the way forward.

Post-Covid PR needs to be more digital-savvy and Social media would drive the two-way communication.

Keep sweating! Keep communicating!