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From ‘Mature’ look of 80s to ‘Youthful’ look of 2020! From Rs. 85 to Rs. 850 & near three decades!

Circa 2020, March 15, Place: Nahar’s Amrit Shakti,

Location: Chandivali, Mumbai, Activity Point: Shivas Salon  

Nahar’s Amrit Shakti is a sprawling integrated township developed by renowned Nahar Group in Chandivali, which was once a quaint village near Powai. Today is it is buzzing with enormous activity and home to over 4000 lifestyles loving Mumbaikars and NRIs.

More on the township in some other post, but what transpired there brought me some vivid memories of the day when I had joined my first job in BHEL in the late 80s.

The Club-House in NAS – Nahar’s Nectarfield deserves special mention owing to its excellent amenities catering to sports and fitness enthusiasts, children, Senior Citizens and family. The club has a swimming pool, kids play area, basketball, tennis, squash, banquet, executive rooms and Shiva’s Salon…

After finishing the round of the inimitable clubhouse, I decided to get a hair-cut at Shiva’s Salon, which was long overdue. Shiva’s is a celebrity Spa and Saloon and is home to many celebrities when it comes to hairstyling and other such needs. I would be sharing the picture of the wall featuring celebrities who are their client. Excitedly, I entered the Salon, welcomed by friendly and smiling Farzana, who allotted a stylist to me. My brief to stylist was: Give me a youthful look!  

He gave it a deep thought and started working. Probably it looked to him a daunting task considering my profile and hairline. He started working as an artist, first wash, conditioning, sharp-cut, blow-drying and setting. The result was satisfying, he did his best with the available resources. It was not that I didn’t have a cut in such a salon earlier…but…

My brush with Styling salon dates back to the late ’80s when I had just started working in BHEL, New Delhi. Once I and my colleague – Anita Roy visited Lodi Hotel in New Delhi for some official work. A young working professional and fashion & Lifestyle enthusiast, that I was, my eyes could not escape a Hair Styling Salon in Lodi Hotel premises. I requested Anita di to visit the place as it looked different from my regular parlour – Much upmarket, lifestyle-oriented and was in a five-star hotel – all merits to fulfil my fancy.

In those days, I had long, lustrous and beautiful hair which were well taken care of by my mother with her home remedies. So, I decided to go for a hair wash and cut. The salon was of none other than Mr Jawed Habib’s father – Mr Habib Ahmed. He excitedly welcomed us for our lost looks. Here my brief was: Give me a mature look, as nobody takes me seriously for my girlish looks.

And here I was with my head bent and eyes closed in complete surrender mode…Oh yes, hair-cut was not done by girls without parent’s permission. So, you could imagine what was going in my head – Internally, Externally – Double whammy.

I was shocked to see my beautiful tresses biting the dust!  

Final shock came with the bill: Rs. 85/- (10% of monthly salary) Anyway, I walked out with my new cut and style in the office with apprehension, I and Anita knew it will call for some sharp reactions. Forget that, but the price of this hair cut looked too much to colleagues as 10% of my salary and 80% of my hair had gone. Indeed, it was not a good bargain!

Cut at Shivas

At Shiva’s I paid Rs. 850/- (100% salary of the 80s) and only 20% of my hair, probably I recovered in the bargain lost some 30 years ago.

The drama which unfolded amidst my family members and friend circle is another story. I loved being at both the places, though lots of water had flown in between while transcending the journey of 30 long years.

If you are in Chandivali, don’t miss on visiting Shivas Salon at Nahar’s Amrit Shakti’s Club Nectarfield for your hair styling, hair-cutting, hair spa and some great ‘me’ time. Don’t miss on courtesies extended with a hot cup of coffee and smiles all over, which makes you feel important.

Shiva’s is owned by Shivaram K. Bhandary.