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Dekha ek Khwab to yeh Silsile hue!


The mesmerizing & soulful rendition by Lata didi & Kishore da on the melodious music of Shiv Hari picturized on magical on screen pair – Amitabh & Rekha is still well-etched in my memory for one more thing. Oh! You guessed it right! For its heavenly tulip gardens which were very aesthetically shot in Holland. So when I recently read about Tulip Festival in Kashmir, I just wanted to be there. Though I watched the film as a teenager, now I am mother of a teenager, never mind, some dreams just take too long to materialize. Now I can see that happening soon!

So readers, why I want to go there? Tulips fascinate every romantic, beauty and nature lover.

But what is so special about this festival? Read on to know answers to these and many such questions, who knows you too make up your mind to be there sometime soon…

Tulip festival in Kashmir is Asia’s largest tulip festival that has been named after Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The festival takes place in the months of March & April which is the prettiest one that takes place in Kashmir at the Siraj Bagh Cheshmasahi in the capital city of Srinagar spread into the area of over 5 hectares at the footlhills of Zabarmwan near the Dal Lake.

The garden has nearly 60 different varieties of multi-coloured tulips. These present a view like that of a silken carpet that has hundreds of colours and provide a heavenly view to the tourists who visit from all over the globe. Around 2 million tulip bulbs bloom here and proudly display their beauty to the tourists. The view is simply magnificent and has countless delicate beauties lined in rows to dance with the wind in front of the tourists. Tulip, a member of Liliaceae is native to Persia. Holland is the largest producer of tulips. Now no need to go Holland for having a view of enchanting beauty; the sight is now available in the crown of our country.

Cultural programs, Kashmiri folk songs, sale of local handicrafts, and preparation of traditional Kashmiri cuisine forms an eminent part of the entertainment of visitors during the festival.

The festival was started in 2007 to promote tourism and has been quite successful in attracting tourists from all over the world. Spring brings in the time of blossoming tulips in the valley, as the landscape soften and flourish after the cold winter. Hence with the onset of Spring, people throng to the place to get a view of this magnificent place.

Kashmir is famous for its natural beauty and with the tulips the beauty is enhanced manifolds. Today, tourists are demanding to keep the garden open ahead of the fixed timed and enjoy the view for a longer time. Both local and foreign tourists visit in at the time of Tulip festival and thus contribute a lot in promoting Kashmir as a tourist attraction. The festival continues for 7 days. Tulips remain in bloom just for 15-20 days depending upon the temperature. “Red, yellow, variegated, pink, white, orange, light blue, and magenta are the main colors of tulips. The scene is simply charismatic with floral charm. The view remains in the memory of a visitor forever.

The city with beautiful gardens, placid lakes and the breathtaking Himalayas, Srinagar is a land of exquisite beauty. Srinagar offers the opportunity for enjoying the nature or engaging in adventures. Srinagar has an airport of its own. The domestic airport is serviced regularly by several private and public airlines, which connect the city to important cities in India, like: Delhi, Mumbai and so on.

An extensive network of road covers Srinagar and connects it to important cities in Jammu and Kashmir and North India, namely: Chandigarh (630 km), Delhi (876 km), Jammu (290 km), Leh (434 km), Gulmarg (48 km), Sonmarg (88 km) and Pahalgam (96 km).

The nearest Railhead is in Jammu. Major Indian cities like: Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai are linked to Jammu by railways