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Vitamin E, Vital for Glowing & Youthful Skin #Evion

I started noticing dark patches of pigmentation on my face a few years ago…

Since then my struggle to get rid of them started, as I was mentally not prepared for this development. On finding me anxious about these patches on my face, advice started pouring in from all quarters. Apply Curd, Honey, Lemon, Multani Mitti…what not! I diligently followed some of the advice but of no avail. I showed these to my family doctor who gave me a medicated cream, which also didn’t help much. One of my colleague in the office told me that this is not pigmentation, these are excess calcium deposits on my skin, which further added to my anxiety. I did not where to seek help from as I had lost faith in doctors and skin specialists who made me pop-up six pills every day. It was really getting on my nerves…

…I almost decided to give up!

Then again, while my way home from the office, in local train one lady pointing my patches, identifying herself as skin specialist suggested a cream to me and said, even Priyanka Chopra applies this cream to get rid of her patches. I took a sigh of relief…finally this cream is my calling! Without wasting any time, I rushed to the medical store and paid a bomb for this Jadu ki chadi. Believe me, even after applying 6 tubes regularly for nearly 6 months, my patches did not budge. I am still looking forward to catching that lady.

One leisurely Sunday morning, I came across an ad in HT Brunch which prominently mentioned Vitamin E as the base of that cream. Having lost all faith in creams and lotions, I paid no heed to it, but yes Vitamin E component stayed with me. I started researching on Vitamin E…

So literally, what does Vitamin E stands for? Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient found in many foods. In the body, it acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are compounds formed when our bodies convert the food we eat into energy. The body also needs vitamin E to boost its immune system so that it can fight off invading bacteria and viruses. It helps to widen blood vessels and keep blood from clotting within them. In addition, cells use vitamin E to interact with each other and to carry out many important functions.

After a yearlong struggle, I realized that this problem needs to be attacked inside out, applying creams, lotions, oils, face-wash etc. are of no avail if vital ingredients are not reaching inside. Hence it was important that I make some important changes in my eating habits and add those foods which are a good source of Vitamin E.

So What foods provide vitamin E?

Vitamin E is found naturally in foods and is added to some fortified foods. One can get recommended amounts of vitamin E by eating a variety of foods including the following:

Vegetable oils like wheat germ, sunflower, and safflower oils are among the best sources of vitamin E. Corn and soybean oils also provide some vitamin E.

AF5R1X Fresh spinach

Nuts (such as peanuts, hazelnuts, and, especially, almonds) and seeds (like sunflower seeds) are also among the best sources of vitamin E.

Green vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli, provide some vitamin E.

Food companies add vitamin E to some breakfast cereals, fruit juices, margarine and spreads, and other foods.

To ensure a consistent supply of Vitamin E, I started eating five soaked almonds every day and added spinach soup to my dinner besides some of the sources mentioned above. Inside was sorted, what about the application on skin.

I came to know about Aloe Vera Gel which claimed to add a glow to the skin and is ayurvedic preparation too. I decided to invest in it chucking my age-old favourite Nivea cream. But what about vitamin E for the skin? On further research, I came across #Evion oil capsules and eureka…what a discovery it turned out to be! Every night I opened one capsule and mixed it with Aloe Vera Gel and applied on my face with a double quote on my patches. Gradually all this started showing results. Friends started telling me, your face is glowing, your patches are going, skin is tightening!

Now I have got Evion Vitamin Cream which I use everynight.

Vitamin E oil works to block free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the ageing process. If we can fight off free radicals, then we can reduce wrinkles and keep the skin youthful-looking.

Now you see it to believe it, these drastically lightened…making me happier!

This was Vitamin E and Evion capsules for me.

I hope you will draw inspiration from story on combatting dark patches, loss of glow and loosening of skin with Vitamin E and you can have details from #Evion website: http://www.evion.co.in/

This is my entry for the My Vitamin E mantra contest being held on Indiblogger by Evion.

Come Home to Colourful world of BergerXP! Indiblogger Meet!!

I believe, I was one of the last bloggers to receive the Invite for BergerXP Indibloggers meet at Mumbai as action point – Register Here showed 89% full and I was quite surprised at that, not only this attendees list was showing all regular bloggers whom I meet at Indiblogger meets. Probably I was included at the last moment. Anyways…as always I made some last minute changes to my Saturday program and set out for the event at Vivanta by Taj which was some 40 Kms from my place, all this & more for Indibloggers! As it was BergerXP event – the iconic Paint company, I decided to dress up colourfully to blend well with their world of colours.


Read on to know what happened at the Meet.

We were greeted by warm & welcoming Indiblogger team represented by Anoop, Nihal & Suzanna, who completed registration process in a jiffy after which we moved to the well lit backdrop by BergerXP where our pictures were clicked and sound bytes were taken, I felt nothing short of a celebrity there.

Forum was open for Lunch now! It was one of the very few events which served lunch prior to the event, pehle pet puja, phir kaam dooja! The Buffet spread of Vivanta by Taj looked quite interesting and tempting at the same time. It was very sumptuous meal comprising of green salad spread, cream almond soup, dal makhani, paneer bhurji, green Thai curry, biryani, chicken, fish with dessert comprising of my favourite Gajar Halwa and Pine Apple Pastries. I enjoyed my meal while talking to fellow bloggers: Sanjay Thampi, Vinita, Sujata Tawde, Riddhi, Anu Goyal…many!

Now it was time for the event to start and surprises to unfold. Sprightly Anoop lighted the stage with his exuberance and took bloggers for some warm up exercises, dance moves, swimming …concluding with musical chair. Our team member Riddhi Sharma won the game!


This was followed by Colourful & Interesting presentation by BergerXP, young Product Development Manager, Chandranath who took us through the colourful journey of the brand which makes our lives colourful. Started in 1758 by Louis Berger, it started as a small chemical process which moved on to become one of the largest & iconic brands of the world today. The brand features in Top 10 by Economic Times. Indeed a very innovation driven & consumer focussed brand. For the first time I came to know what insights are needed for colouring our worlds which we treat as very mundane exercise.  A very interactive Q & A session followed after that.


Now was the time for activity, the setting was like that of a workshop where we were given head gears and hand gloves to clean the surface with sand papers. Our team Cleaners – titled – Zabardast Safai finished the job at hand with great speed and took time for clicking some selfies too. In the meantime, winners of twitter contest were also announced. In one day,  this was the maximum I had tweeted in my Twitter tenure and just loved doing it. But was surprised to note how creative rather quirky one can get on Twitter!

The last round of the day comprised dirtying our hands – literally with paints, mixers, thinners, brushes provided by Berger team to colour the canvas with theme Mumbai Meri Jaan. In the mean time we had a small session where we were shown how to mix colours which set the ball rolling.

Now the atmosphere turned somewhere close to college fest where all team heads called on team members to brief them about the theme and how to proceed in the matter. All charged up, we were ready with the plan where we planned to draw iconic symbol of Mumbai – The Gateway of India – Interspersed with Theme: Cleaner, Faster, Better. In our painting we decided to roll all those elements Mumbai is known for like: Local Trains, Metros, Sea-Link, Bhel Puri, Navi Mumbai, Dabba Wallas…more! I took to painting after ages…missed my daughter Tanya who would have done a fine job at this activity, probably lead us to the victory but that was not to be and we lost. Never mind, we attempted and attempted well.  The texture of paints was like Silk, it worked so well even on the sheet of paper, and we loved it. Winning entry deserved it well!


So what comprises Berger Express Painting System?

  • The process is completely mechanized
  • Undertaken by trained personnel.
  • Much faster than Traditional Painting – What is being done in two
    days in traditional painting can be done by Berger XP in just two hours
  • Dust-free process due to the vacuum-suction enabled
    sanding machines
  • Granting excellent finish & texture to the surface
  • Painting done with professional Hand Painting Tools 

To sum it up: Berger Express Painting by Berger Paints is a revolutionary concept of painting homes with the help of automatic machines to give faster, cleaner & better results every time, as compared to traditional process of printing!

You can experience all this & more by just sending an SMS XP to 56767.

Now you can change the way, you paint your home with automatic machines as T 20 of paints is here!



Sipping Masala Chai all through, we reached the last leg of the event, with some more prizes, photo ops & group photo in the end. Though, I have never won any Indiblogger contest ever since my association, hope to win one with this Entry! ( Disclaimer: Hard feelings are injurious for health)

Hope you enjoyed reading the post & made up your mind for #BergerXP Express painting system

This post is written for Indiblogger for BergerXP meet in Mumbai on February 11, 2017.



























#MadeOfGreat What drives us from within – Conviction & Determination!

Circa 2013, Date November 15: The day started on a similar note, like everyday but did not end like a regular day. I felt differently, I thought differently all in all I felt completely transformed. How & Why? Read on to know:

It was brief encounter with someone #MadeOfGreat who helped me in shedding all negativity around me, least to say filled me with lot of positivism. I felt enlightened, no longer in control of my destiny, but controlling my destiny, to some extent.

Coming back to the morning of November 15 when I was invited for Banking Conclave organized by Bank of India at Hotel Renaissance, Powai, Mumbai. This was not happening for the first time, I was invited to earlier versions also but this turned out to be quite different. Stepped out reluctantly for some high fandu banking jargon and data packed speeches by renowned bankers and economists of India, I cozily seated myself for the inaugural function. After customary lamp lighting etc. it was time to enjoy tea and snacks at the Renaissance lawns. I must say the view is just awesome from there, hills and lake overseeing the lawns.

While strolling in the lawns with my tea, I saw a Sadhuji sitting in the lawns surrounded by men in black blazers (Read: Bankers), my curiosity grew…though Sadhus don’t interest me much so I moved on. But when I was walking through glass-panes walkway of hotel, I could see clearly the Sadhuji. I wondered, what would Sadhuji be doing at Banker’s Conclave? Still his face did not leave me as he looked divine, bright eyes, shining forehead, all in all a towering personality. I sat through the post tea session…

…now it was 12 noon, well almost, an announcement was made for spiritual session. Still I could not connect the Sadhuji I saw outside and the session inside. Suddenly I saw Sadhuji walking inside with few followers and I must admit he had great aura around him. I said to myself, good break from heavy doses of economy and finance! His presence on stage mesmerized the audience. What a voice, what pronunciation, impeccable English, great connect with audience, great stage presence, communicator par excellence – he was none other than Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation. This was my first interaction with him…came to know about the great personality that day only.

Bancon Vasudev

So for the uninitiated like me: Sadhguru is a contemporary Guru, rooted as strongly in mundane and pragmatic matters as he is in inner experience and wisdom, Sadhguru works tirelessly towards the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all. His mastery of the mechanisms of life, an outcome of his profound experience of the Self, guides in exploring the subtler dimensions of life. Sadhguru speaks at some of the world’s most prominent international leadership forums. In January 2007, he participated in four panels at the World Economic Forum and spoke on issues ranging from diplomacy and economic development, to education and the environment. In 2006, he addressed the World Economic Forum, the Tallberg Forum in Sweden, and the Australian Leadership Retreat. He has also served as a delegate to the United Nations Millennium Peace Summit and the World Peace Congress.

& Now in complete control of the stage and packed hall of over 700 audience (mainly Bankers), Sadhguru started his speech. I was spell-bound, what corporate similes to our spiritual side. We were hooked to him, his speech, his style, his conduct…everything. He spoke about leadership and other management styles. But biggest message he gave through his speech from this stage was that one should be the controller of his/ her own destiny and not other way round. You should always surround yourself with positivity  and shed away negativity; life will become so much peaceful. As far as leadership is concerned, there is a leader in all of us. Leadership can be displayed at any level but as a leader you should have three qualities: Integrity, Ability to Inspire and Insight.

His speech lasted for nearly 55 minutes, and I did not move a centimeter on my chair, going by the fact that the restless soul I am. I was all ears to what he was talking. Never in my life had I heard such a personality who seamlessly blended our spiritual, personal and professional lives to bring out the best in us. Once speech got over, he intermingled with the audience and I was the lucky one to have a minute with him. He gave a look at me and quipped, “You have a smiling face, but sad eyes” make them smile too! Since then, I decided to encounter all adversities and negativity smilingly. & I have become successful to a great extent.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is my choice for #MadeOfGreat who altered my life in many ways. Whenever I am sad, I think of him, my thinking has transformed.

Story doesn’t end here. We received a hamper from Sadhguru comprising his Books & DVDS and I was quite restless to read them. I wanted to head home and start reading the books given to me. Driven by this thought, I chucked the car and decided to board the train to avoid Andheri traffic. I boarded the train from Andheri and had barely settled down, a young pretty girl sitting in front of me tapped me and asked, “Excuse me aunty, are you follower of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev?” I did not know what to answer. I told her about my interaction with him just few hours ago. She told me that her entire family is his follower and they visit him regularly in his ashram down south. Felt happy that I met the Guru & the follower same day.

But today I feel like a better & enlightened being, all courtesy:  Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and look forward to meeting him sometime soon. #MadeOfGreat Indeed! As he traverses seamlessly from the ancient to the ultramodern, bridging the gap between the known and the unknown, enabling all those who encounter him to explore and experience the deepest dimensions of life.

#MadeOfGreat is a confluence of two great icons – Tata Motors & Lionel Messi. Tata Motors – our own home grown brand producing best cars in the world right from Land Rover, Jaguar to Tata Nano. Indeed Tata Motors is doing great service to the nation by providing cars suiting every budget.  Messi, who took his Football team to the final of World – Cup is a talent galore with conviction & an icon for today’s youth. His determination on the field is awe-inspiring. Thus establishing great connect with the brand #TataMotors which is globally known for its trust, integrity, innovation.


Like we say for #TataMotors & Lionel Messi -What drives us from within is what makes us great, Discover what drives Lionel Messi, Global Brand Ambassador, Tata Motors, from within.
Driven by Design, technology and the road ahead – Tata Motors, #madeofgreat.

This post is part of contest #MadeOfGreat run by Tata Motors – Makers of some great cars in the world – http://madeofgreat.tatamotors.com/ for Indiblogger


#FrizFreeHair Forever with Vatika Jasmine Hair Oil

It was an Indiblogger Invite so I had to make it & I made it!


October 10, Saturday, 2015, 11:30 AM, B J Hall, Vile Parle, Dabur Vatika Product Launch!

Initially I was little reluctant to go as I have been out on most of the weekends. Then I read the mail again only to find that Indi Rock Band would be performing and that perked me up. Though it cannot be denied that subject was hair, for which we are quite touchy about as women, so that was an add-on. All in all, I was convinced that I am going to have a good time with Indiblogger team and fellow bloggers. I recollected the last bloggers meet by Indiblogger for Dove where we made some great friends. Moreover this was the first event of the year 2015 from Indiblogger stable.

audience 1
Late as ever, I just made it on time and familiar faces, Vineet and Shruti greeted me & I felt at home. Soon after I entered, the venue was converted into a Jazz Studio and we were asked to move to front closer to the stage. Here familiar faces Anoop Johnson on Guitar and Nihal Lazarus on mike lit up the stage with heavy metallic band. Disappointed to see, Nihal’s long hair chopped…he had wonderful long hair! I am sure by using Dabur Vatika Jasmine hair Oil, his hair will grow longer & lustrous. Nihal, give Vatika a chance!
They belted some great numbers like Pink Floyd – We don’t Need No Education and Poker Face by Lady Gaga, which got all of us head banging! I have heard Nihal and Anoop earlier also but this was the best!

The session started with brief self introduction of bloggers which was very interesting as it is great to know that many of the bloggers are multi-taskers right from being Chef, Social Workers, School Teachers, Media Professionals to full timers. But one thing was common, the passion for blogging! Oh yea, they all introduced themselves from the heart, special mention of Ms Geeta Sreeharan who cooks meal of 28 cancer inflicted children every Sunday. Hats Off!

The morning moved towards afternoon and some enlightening Dabur Vatika Sessions unfolded and their videos were something to talk home about. These chronicled the journey of hair styling in films right from 40s to 2015. Some very interesting hair dos indeed were shown. The event was dedicated to the launch of “Dabur Vatika Jasmine Non-Sticky Coconut Hair Oil” and I must say it was done with élan, with life – size bottle cut out of Oil landing on stage amidst smoke and cheer! The presentations were made by Dabur Vatika officials who patiently answered all the questions fielded by bloggers. Through them we came to know that Dabur products are result of constant Research & Development, which they heavily invest in and no wonder, today Dabur is a 1000cr Company worldwide.

Coming to Vatika Products, coming from the House of Dabur, the trust comes by default. I have seen my grandmother using Dabur Amla hair oil who had beautiful long hair. So my relationship with Dabur dates back to my childhood…Dabur lal Dunt Munjan, Lal Tel, Chyavanprash and I recently gifted a pack of three…Dabur Baby Massage Oil to a young mother! I have used Dabur Vatika Shampoo also which comes in slick packaging and I must say, very good for daily use, but not used the hair oil. Now I will use it as I have received it in my goody-bag for some great results for my fast depreciating hair line. I will post the product review then…

After playing the game: Rock, Scissor, Paper, which I lost as ever, we headed towards food station…oh yes, in the mean time I made a great friend Kashmira Pal who too is travel blogger like me. We had some great conversation over lunch. The lunch was sumptuous with Italian Pizzas, Pastas and Indian full course followed by great desserts selections.


Last but no the least, I too was given an opportunity to share my hair secrets amidst such distinguished gathering…overwhelmed!

After lunch I headed towards “Styling Station” put up by Vatika to have a Dekko of the styling done by the team for lovely bloggers!
All in all it turned out to be a great Bloggers Meet, where I badly missed my daughter Tanya who would have had ball of a time amidst pretty and young bloggers. I must tell you that friends she made in Dove Meet are still her great pals. She called me to say Hi to Anoop and Nihal and Vineet and I just did that while parting!


Dream BIG, Dream #DigitalIndia

MODI-DIGITAL-INDIA-BIGIt was heartening to note that PM Narendra Modi along with Twitter Chief Executive Dick Costolo recently launched ‘Twitter Samvaad” which is an important step in seeing Indian twitterti exchanging notes with Government agencies on twitter. As part of the Prime Minister’s Digital India initiative, this tweet-powered service enables citizens to be the first to know about the government’s actions by receiving political content in real-time on their mobile devices anywhere in the country. This is indeed like a dream come true!


As I was in the process of making my mind on writing the blog post on “Digital India” hosted by indiblogger, the news gave me enough fodder for thought. Being a social media junkie, I always of dream of my brigade to expand. Surprisingly even now, at least 50% of the people I interact with are digitally challenged in some way or the other. They can’t be connected on social media platform. They are, where they were from ages…the need is to transform them! The need is to make every Indian citizen “Digitrate” (Digitally literate). My mind goes back to Late PM Shri Rajeev Gandhi who Computerized India on a massive scales in late 80s and accomplished success with that too. But India has come a long way from its baby steps in computerization to India of today. And I must admit that Intel may be credited for this mammoth computerization with their SMART and consumer friendly computers, which took world by storm. I would like to use this platform to hail the Intel’s commitment towards building Digital India through its ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India’ initiatives.


For long Intel has been fostering technology as the enabler for creating a digitized India. Individually Indians are a great success but as a COUNTRY, we need to do lot of catching up.

Now with Modiji initiating the #DigitalIndia project to connect India digitally with a planned allocation of Rs One lakh crore, it will ascertain that a new era ushers in where all citizens will have access to connect with Government Digitally. The plan is to establish a digital platform to digitally connect and deliver government programs and services to individuals across India, thereby harnessing the power of information technology. The project also plans to connect all villages through high speed internet by 2019. Indeed the plan is ambitious, to say the least!

So what dies ‘Digital India’ would actually translate into? E- Governance? What’s that? How Indian Citizens be stake-holders to this program? How it will function? What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? What would be infrastructure needed?

We have to find the answers to these questions and many more…
So primarily E –Governance focuses on making the process of Governance, Service delivery digital, i.e. through the use of Information and Communication Technology thus adding up non-repudiation to the paradigm of Accountability. It means that whatever work you want to get done or service you want to avail, it would be carried out and backed by sound technological infrastructure making processes thus fast and efficient. This technology enabled process is not far from us to seek, but…

What does this entail? Here every individual’s personal record will be stored in a virtual central repository or Digital Locker, which can be accessed by government officials anywhere anytime, through established protocols. For example, an individual’s certificates from school or college, birth certificates, medical records etc are all stored in the individual’s folder and these can be accessed by any government official to confirm or verify the individual’s claims without the need for the individual to present the hard copy. The purpose is to free the individual from the need to physically present the hard copy for verification in any government office. This will save a lot of time for the individual and the government officials, as also reduce the opportunity for bribes being demanded. Of course this not an easy task and to achieve this, data-centres of massive capacity are needed. It is huge opportunity but it has its own threats too.


We as Indians are quite casual about our security measures, accidents are most common place in India and Insurance penetration being lowest in the world is ample proof of my statement. With this digitization program where Government will be custodian of every citizen’s personal data, the chances of theft and misuse would also be there. Implanting high security measure will be a major task in the way of E-Governance. What happens if the system doesn’t respond or crashes when data access is needed the most. Challenge is to ensure smooth functioning of all this and more.
Today India prides itself with “Software Wizardry” – providing software solutions to the world. But it is high time that we use this wizardry for our nation and countrymen. I know challenges are many but opportunities are huge. Who would like to give upon this opportunity? I would like to see India digitized sooner than later, where we too can pride ourselves on this parameter. If Intel could empower us, why can’t we empower our own countrymen?

#DigitalIndia should be every “Digitrate” person’s dream, then only we will able to give shape to Modiji’s dream project.
The clock is ticking for the #DigitalIndia program and opportunity is there to develop the digital backbone of the country.

This post is part of Indiblogger contest for Intel #DigitalIndia.

New “Guardian Angel” of Teens!

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Only two things are certain – Death & Taxes”, here I would like to add that – acne is third certainty in every young girl’s life. You live in any corner of the world, any continent, any country, any city of the world, as a young girl you cannot escape this certainty of life. This is the package deal of your growing up years. In every girl’s life, growing up is full of challenges, she goes through immense physical, emotional and hormonal changes which are at times difficult to cope, then there is topping of acne which adds to the turmoil. But every girl has a different take on this, some take it in their stride as a part of growing up, some feel embarrassed about it, some are hurt, some are patient, some are impatient – trying this, that, what not to get rid of them. It could best be described in the verse below:

One redder than the other,
One larger than the other,
One rounder than the other
Oh no! and the one on my forehead just got a sister!

I’ve tried it all, the gels, the creams,
With all this smudge that’s been on face,
All there’s left to do is scream!

So when I was a teenager, I belonged to the impatient lot, acne?& I will erupt. Start looking for remedies, applying this cream, that cream, that lotion…but of no avail. Life was a lot more struggle then (Nearly 30 years ago) as there wasn’t any cream, lotion etc. available in the country which could get us rid of pimples menace. So I would like share with you the home remedies, doctor’s prescription, advice from daadi, naani we had to succumb to like apply besan paste, raw milk, cud, honey, raw eggs, neem, multani mitti, jaiphal (nutmeg), badam, haldi-paste…half the kitchen stuff use to land on dressing table. But of very limited avail and the best part was pimple may spare us any day except when there was a party or any function to attend, it will certainly show up adding to the irritation. But we had to put up with it. I would like to share with you here, at that time we did not realize that acne is because of hormonal changes and only if treated hygienically, they can be cured. First and foremost thing required for this is to keep your skin clean, free of infections and treat our skin with respect. Hence arrival of face washes proved to be a great boon particularly the ones with Neem etc.

Pimples Pimples on my face
pop and vanish without a trace

moving from one place to another
hopefully leaving me and going to my sister

here and there and everywhere
they pop up and shrink down and leave me with a frown

Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash – Guardian Angel of Teens!

Today I have a teenage daughter and history is repeating itself. She too started facing acne eruptions at the age of 16, and like me she too used to get quite disturbed. But times have changed; girls in today’s India have access to best of cosmetics and medication. But acne is one thing, where no amount of medication and application of creams, lotions, moisturizers, foundations, BB Creams and Sun screens help. You need to treat it like an infection, keeping your skin infection free and for that you need a face wash which can take care of your skin’s hygiene and moisture levels. After lot of research, applying many faces washes, face wash gels, medicated soaps and lotions…I caught hold of Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash.

What made me buy this face wash for the first time was – its Neem component, as I recollected Neem was the only thing which provided me respite from pimples and courtesy Neem applied those days, I have nice, glowing skin till today. So I wanted to go for tried & tested Neem formulation for my daughter, besides the brand name Garnier which specialize in the field. Girls all over the world use Garnier for skin and hair care.

Pure Active Neem Face Wash packaging and POPs arrested my attention and I decided to go for it for my daughter Tanya, somehow I was very sure about the product that it help Tanya overcome acne problem. Pure Active Neem Face wash’s biggest merit is that it helps fight germs, pollution and removes excess oil from the face. Not only this, it contains Neem and tree tea oil extracts which heels acne and tree tea oil extracts nourish and moisturize her skin. She has been using it for many months and she couldn’t have been happier.

Application of Pure Active Neem face has enabled her in fighting germs as it washes away problem causing germs, deep cleanses pores to remove impurities caused by pollution and washes away excess oil which attracts dirt and germs. With its constant use, her face is glowing, her skin is infection free and she is brimming with confidence. Even I am very happy to have Garnier’s Pure Active Neem Face Wash in our bathroom, so much so that even I am using it to keep my skin happy.

Though I am living my teenage years with my daughter, but I don’t want to share her acne as I have had my share already.

My post is part of the Indiblogger activity. Click link to know more: bit.ly/GPABlogLinkIndiBloggerActivity

Know all about the product here: bit.ly/GarnierPureActiveNeemWebsite

WordUp! HairDown! at Satur(day) Bloggers Fever!

September 21, 2014 will always be etched in our memory (Bloggers congregation) which was well-spent at the hip and happening venue Blue Frog, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Excited, we all thronged the venue at sharp 9 A.M. (Though we are never on time to work on Saturdays). We did not want to miss even a minute of interaction with accomplished bloggers in fields as wide and varied as politics, fashion, issues, comedy, storytelling…what not.

The event which had brought together all of us was organised by IndiBlogger Commune represented by Vineet, Nihal, Anoop, Renie…everybody! What a pleasure it was to be greeted by this welcoming lot. That’s why we do not like to miss any of the IndiBlogger events. The event #WordUp and #BigRock was very graciously hosted by Blue Frog. Let me tell you, this awesome venue was quite a treat where we bloggers flocked and hopped like frog. Right from morning breakfast, beverages, lunch to evening tea…everything was wholesomely delicious. Not only this, my daughter Tanyaa (Blog: http://www.couturepixie.wordpress. om) caught up with her friends – Pallavi, Sam, Mitchelle, Vinita like long lost friends. All of us have forged a great bond; it was not long ago that we had met each other at an IndiBlogger event – Dove. Day started with Nihal, Anoop and his friend belting out soulful numbers with Philippine girl on the orchestra. It was an amazing experience…Nihal is a phenomenal performer, real Rock Star!

Then lot of contests followed – lot of cash, Flip-Kart vouchers were doled out…my bad luck I did not win any! Emcee of the session Anoop was at his hilarious self. He masters the craft. After initial few minutes of interaction, we all settled down in that interestingly crafted venue – Blue Frog. I am still wondering why it is called Blue Frog – Neela Medak. Oh yes, one event needs a mention here – animated conversation with eminent fashion and lifestyle blogger – Sherry Shroff, I am sure Tanyaa must have achieved nirvana by this interaction with her favourite model & blogger.

I loved my interaction with very young and highly accomplished blogger – Anshul Tewari of YouthKiAwaaz.com.   His Libya experience should make India proud. This youngster taught us – Think like a blogger, Act like an entrepreneur! A very invaluable learning indeed. In Anshul’s words, “Principles of Journalism are applicable to blogging. You have to report the issues, you have to edit your posts, there should be issues which should not be questioned on stratosphere. We worked on the quality of conversation that young people are having, so we started teaching journalism to people, then started monetising blog which catered to local audience.” He added, “I asked my parents to give me a year and this is when Youth Ki Awaaz happened where great content is involved”. Then came along well cherished association with IndiBlogger which set the ball rolling. He concluded, “It was quite a struggle, we had to fight out parental pressure, peer pressure to make a mark with this unconventional choice. Thankfully parents were very understanding”.

YouthKiAwaaz.com, is an online platform for young people to express themselves on issues of critical importance. As per popular media, he started YouthKiAwaaz.com for news and views of the youth that found no place in the mainline media, and to break the stereotype of the Indian youth being apathetic.

The session was started by Vinit Goenka, the National Co-Convener for the Bhartiya Janata Party’s Information Technology Cell who shared, “Social Media is a platform of civil liberty. Social media arm of BJP works hard to connect with people of India through various channels. All of us know 2014 elections belonged to Social Media. Society is divided into two sets of people, people who are active on social media, and like to express and other set who do not like to interact. So we pay attention to them also”.

Very pretty Sherry Shroff as she fondly called, Scherezade Shroff already has over a million views on her YouTube channel and a huge subscriber base from all over the world. Scherezade uploads fashion & beauty videos, makeup & hair tutorials, DIY’s and lots of other fun videos on her YouTube channel. She also has a fashion blog called http://www.fashionalized.com. She shared, “Blogging is a passion for me, I just started with writing but there was no way I could commercialize it. I was a model and blogging was what I loved doing on and off. Then I started with networking, and now I blog every day, blog is your voice, that is the reason is you are a blogger and you want to be heard. Your focus is more important as a blogger. Your views should be your views”.

Lakshmi Rebecca, own online talk show, ‘Chai with Lakshmi’ which has had over 30,00,000 views. The show features people positively shaping India for the future. It was a pleasure listening to her who shared that how challenging it is to make video blogs and how did she overcome these challenges.

TheQtiyapaGuy” has become synonymous with New Age Entertainment and is hailed by Media as the driver of revolution in Content Creation. The Viral Fever’ Brand has been hailed as India’s most Progressive Content Company by some of the best & biggest minds in M&E Industry. With approximately 690,000 subscribers, 48 million views and less than 100 uploaded videos; these numbers are something every YouTube user would crave for and media moguls will pay universe to get, but it was never easy to reach these figures. Arunabh’s story is nothing less than inspiration and passion personified. He shared, “Life has been full of challenges, road blocks, law-suits, threatening calls, what not…but we knew that people were loving it. Creating such content, picking up stuff from the lives and moves of leading politicians of the country was no mean task. So much was at stake. Life was difficult initially. He added, “We had great time during election but this Government is providing very little fodder”.

Snigdha Manchanda, the founder of TeaTrunk and Story Ninja, as a Tea Sommelier has been rigorously trained under a Japanese Tea Master in Sri Lanka. She started Tea Trunk as a medium to provide people with good-quality tea. Through Story Ninja she reaches out to content creators, marketers, teachers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs or just about anyone who enjoys a story well told. She was very child – like with very melodious voice. Her expression was natural and she has accomplished so much at such a young age.

Amit Agarwal is a personal technology columnist and founder of Digital Inspiration, a popular how-to blog since 2004. He is the chief curator of the IndianBloggers.org directory. Amit has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from IIT Roorkee and, other than blogging, he also enjoys writing web apps and scripts that enhance productivity. Amit gave us wonderful blogging tips and we are able to incorporate even half of these, we will really go places as bloggers. Would love to connect with him!
Stand-Up comedian Bhavish Ailani had us in splits with his comedy.

In the end lot of prizes were WON ( I WON NONE)…just kidding! ( Disclaimer: No malice towards winners, all in good spirits).

This all-day, invite-only, super-charged, event on blogging, and nothing but blogging – Word up! Concluded with some great music and dancing – HairDown!

– Bienu Verma Vaghela for IndiBlogger

Many Jode Dilon Ko moments on ZEE’s Zindagi!

Jaisa Desh hai Tera, Vaisa hai desh hai Mera was underlying theme of Zindagi’s curtain-raiser – Jode Dilon Ko – which is bringing beautiful, heart-warming stories from Pakistan. This mammoth effort has been shaped and brought to our homes by ZEELs which will indeed made inroads in our hearts, probably will also satiate our yearnings to know our neighbours well.

It was quite a sight when we connected with fellow Bloggers in Delhi by way of video – conferencing in the joint events hosted by IndiBlogger in Mumbai and Delhi, vibrantly hosted by Anoop and Nihal and anchored by Vineet. ( Special thanks to Indiblogger team for putting this event for us bloggers).

For me personally, it was a trip down memory lane, when I relived the moments of watching tele-films like Dhoop Kinare, Tanhaiyan, collecting VHS tapes of these while returning from office in Lucknow. I grew so much attached to its characters that it almost became an addiction for me.


Yesterday’s event also gave us an opportunity to closely watch and interact with Pakistani heartthrob Imran Abbas, who gave us real insight into Pakistan’s life, lifestyle, drama, theatre, cinema, fashion, lifestyle and people. His handsome looks and soft-spoken demeanour added to the charm of the event. Imran melodiously rendered – Jaisa Des hai tera, vaisa des hai mera – which was loved by bloggers like me and Tanyaa – my daughter loved the moment when Imran gave her to the request of singing – Meri Ashiqui tum ho, meri http://www.zindagitv.in tum ho!



The big moment came when bloggers got an opportunity to interact with the first woman broadcaster from Pakistan ( CEO, Hum TV) Sultana Siddiqui – a true jode dilon ko moment. I being associated with a media house personally, it was a special moment for me to watch Sultanaji across borders.  She shared some wonderful insights of life and times of women in Pakistan, who too are aspirational like us, want to lead an independent happy life, want to step out of homes, educate, work and carve a niche for themselves.  It was really heartening to know from Imran and Sultanaji  both that Indian channels, serials, cinema, music, fashion are loved in Pakistan. Lataji and Ashaji are revered in Pakistan likewise we adore Mehndi Hasan, Nusrat fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam…

A video showing Zindagi Gulzar hai…brought us that what is going to unfold on http://www.Zindagitv.in on June 23, 2014, Monday.  It is an assimilation of best shows picked from Pakistan that embrases universal emotion. Incidentally Sultanaji returned to direction after many years with Zindagi Gulzar hai…( What an inspiration)!!! Looks like these telefilms are bereft of any high – drama, loud and garish makeup, maha-episodes, deaths, births, re-birth, but draw a leaf out of real life. These are being shot on real locations across the world and have original soundtracks melodiously rendered by renowned musicians, a treat to the ears indeed.

We bloggers got real insight into how similar our lives to those from across the borders. Surely I would update you on sight-seeing places in Pakistan, which you can look forward to visit. Till then, my fellow travellers, don’t forget to watch Zindagi on June 23, 8 PM onwards.

Indeed, jaisa desh hai tera, vaisa desh hai mera!