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Tennis Star Roger Federer sends Indian Twitterati in a tizzy!

Asks on twitter on which places to visit while in India from his fans and voila! Fans oblige in their own un- inimitable way – virtual tour of India in photo-shopped images which rocks on social media.

Fed-ex rides an elephant to Amer Fort, takes the tube, poses in an auto-rickshaw and prances ahead of camel riders in the Thar. It all started when Federer, who will be in Delhi in December for an International tennis league, tweeted: “I need some help from my supporters in India. I am only in Delhi for a few days, so can’t visit all amazing places that I would like…May be you guys could help #PhotoshopRF? Show me where I visit and I will retweet the best pics!”

And then began the volley of morphed pictures that showed him having desi fun in all possible ways: driving a truck, posing at the Taj Mahal, featuring in a Bollywood movie and the snake charmer.
I thought of bringing his virtual trip alive in pictures for my readers. Have a look! ENJOY!