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Election Bugle 2024


March 2, 2023, was another such day when people were hooked to news channels as results for NE states – Tripura, Meghalaya, and Nagaland were to be declared. For the first time, I noticed such hysteria and anxiety over NE results when the entire nation wanted to know.

Northeast India (officially the North Eastern Region (NER)) is the easternmost region of India representing both a geographic and political-administrative division of the country. It comprises eight states—Arunachal Pradesh, AssamManipurMeghalayaMizoramNagaland and Tripura (commonly known as the “Seven Sisters”), and the “brother” state Sikkim.

Results did not deviate much as anticipated, Congress went downhill in these hilly states, and BJPs rise & shine as per guesstimate, owing to the infrastructure development done in this challenging terrain. Moreover, bringing NE into the mainstream, which the Centre has been striving for, has been well recognized and rewarded with this massive win.

BJP, which was a non-entity in NE for so long, made inroads in the hearts of the people of NE with PM crossing half a century through his visits to these neglected states. Modi blew the 2024 election bugle with his address yesterday after the result from BJP Headquarters in New Delhi amidst the huge presence of karyakartas from all over. His address was full of josh! Through his address, PM Modi delivered one of the best punch lines: Now, North East is neither far from Dilli nor Dil…

PM Modi’s magic worked in this tough terrain for the party. He praised the hard work put in by all Karyakartas and particularly of the Northeast. BJPs victory in Tripura for the second time marks the popularity of the Government’s beneficial schemes which helped BJP win supporters even among those who did not support it then.

Winning the three NE states reinforces BJPs continuing ascendancy and marks another boost for its efforts to emerge as a party with a countrywide presence. Now, with Karnataka and Rajasthan elections on the scene, BJP is again busy strategizing, masterminding, and delivering!

Attributing the win to Triveni which drives BJPs success, the PM said:

  1. The work of BJP Governments
  2. The working style of the BJP
  3. The Karyakartas of the Saffron Party

Quite upbeat with the results, where BJP scored 3/3 by keeping Nagaland, Tripura and reuniting with Meghalaya ally, BJP’s Josh is High!  

The stage has been set, still, Dilli is door for all political parties as no one knows which voter will swing in which direction. The opposition, not only needs to unite but also strategize well to counter BJP in the 2024 elections.


In the final count:

NDPP won 25 seats, BJP won 12

Putting the only pre-poll alliance in the state in a position to comfortably form the next government. This also marks an improvement in the alliance’s performance since the last election, when the two parties jointly won 29 constituencies.

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