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KNOW YOUR RELATIONSHIPS – Through Positive Intentions by Shilpi J Chawla


The above title comes from the author of wonderful self help books, The Book of Intents and its sequel Love Your Life, with the power of intention and Dancing the Dance, a book about power and grace of the Woman.  Shilpi feels that life is inherently supplying us subtle messages, stillness is inevitable if you want to tap into them and yet in the midst of all that is palpable and real, there is something very unreal about living a life without intention.

The book in question is starkly different from other books of the author and many other authors for that matter, as it deals with most complex subject on the planet, Relationships. All of us are entangled in the web of relationships, irrespective of our age, gender, social status, financial status, place of stay, single, married, working, non working, self-employed…whatever! Not just one or two but into multiple relationships, some of which add lot of value to our existence, whereas others are not so pleasant and some, which can just be despised, but we can’t.   Being in a relationship is 24 hours 365 days business; hence lot of issues related to relationships impact our lives.

Know your relationships is an interesting take on Relationships which takes you a wave forward one day at a time, one emotion at a time,  one letter at a time. Beautifully interpreted through 26 Alphabets of English Language, each letter presents a different shade, hue and colour of relationship. She has re-written A, B, C, D of relationships especially for those adults who are struggling with relationship to reach X, Y, Z of life.  The adults have been taught A B C D of relationships, like a child has been taught ABCD just when he starts understanding relationships. The book talks to that child in us in an empowering way, encouraging them to look at relationships in their life through the first 26 letters of English Language.

Ever considered A= Allow rather than Apple? Or B=Bliss rather than Ball? Asks Shilpi. The answer is clear no as we have been living with clichés around us. The complex relationships of the world are integrated through ABCs in the book. Ideal for young parents who can learn ABCD of relationships from “Know Your Relationships” which can be beautifully transcended to their young children or whosoever touches them during life’s journey. After reading this book, I am sure all of you would be able to find a new meaning to your relationships through the journey of life ahead. While putting all emotions surrounding human heart in perspective, finally you feel positive about all relationships around you, howsoever bitter or unpleasant these have been.

Without reading the tips on How to use this Book, it will be difficult to comprehend the book, and without proper comprehension, you will not be able to transcend its essence to your life’s relationships. The book not only guides you through various relationships, but through two most important relationships which is with SELF and POWER ABOVE.  If you are honest and meaningful here, you will catch the essence of the book. You will feel a sense of spaciousness within, almost leading to expansion of your heart.  Indeed you need to read between the lines, in fact I read the book twice, once to read the verses and second time to absorb the essence. The book is beautifully rendered through verses where your spirit is blessing you through out, through various renditions for ABCDs…

It is always a pleasure & treasure Shilpi’s books who pours her heart out to prove her point that every relationship is poignant and a blessing to cherish. The book has lot of space which is soothing for the eyes and attractive illustrations on left hand side of each chapter, which shows that author is not only creative in her thinking  & writing, but also in its rendition too. The cover is creatively illustrated too, which spells out many relationships surrounding us. Opening of the book as many meaningful credentials by illustrious people, which speaks volumes about the book.

I would like share some pearls from the book here to give you the glimpse of what this Jewel holds for you:

  • May you only know bliss as your true identity
  • Stay grounded in your highs
  • Dust off the doubts
  • For, you are always home in your heart
  • You are a living miracle
  • You came from Nothingness, and that’s your ultimate destination
  • Give it rest when it needs

In the end, Shilpi has not forgotten to thank her readers, expressing:

Knowing that in me – is YOU!




Book Review: The Book of Intents – for bringing in Positive Change!

I received the books “The Book of Intents” – Intentions and Affirmations for positive change and “Love Your Life” with the Power of Intention from Author herself – Shilpi J Chawla. By the very look of the cover, I sensed that these must be real serious titles coming from a seasoned author. But as my habit goes, I turned towards back cover only to find young & charming Shilpi J Chawla with seriously impressive credentials.

Intent Book


Review: The Book of Intents – Intentions and Affirmations

A cursory glance at the book, and it captured my attention immediately owing to it beautifully designed interior pages. It looked like poetry in prose and it turned out just that only.  I must say it is a masterpiece on ‘Positivity’ which would inspire every reader to be ‘Positive’ come what may. Going by the negative streak of mine…it came as a breeze of fresh air. While reading the book I was thinking if ever I have to write a book on these lines, it would be just reverse of this one. Ha ha…just kidding!


Author Shilpi has classified book into as many as 32 Intents and mentioned some real gems in them.  Once I took the book in my hand, I couldn’t leave without finishing it. So it was read in one go on one Sunday afternoon. Several places I had to read it again for better understanding of what has been written.

Reproduced below few pearls of wisdom which would inspire readers beyond measure:

  1. My focus and attention is on joy, play and happiness
  2. I am secure in my self-worth
  3. I trust myself to be the perfect being that God created
  4. I enjoy every moment wherever in the world I may be
  5. I trust my instinct and my intuition
  6. I accept all opportunities for me to blossom and bloom
  7. I feel excitement that is gushing and genuine
  8. It is my intent to enjoy the breeze that life is.

The book covers various Intents like: Love, Secure, Appreciate, Power, Victorious, Authentic, Accept, Free, Bless and many more. The book is like a breeze on positivity and negative people should definitely read it and read it again and again to inculcate positivity.  Excellent detailing has been done on all Intents as it has been written from the heart by Shilpi.

Why should you read this Book:  

  • Helps You Create Affirmations for Better Living
  • Get Rid Of Anxiety and Worry Manifest Your Desires
  • Engage In Positive Self Talk
  • Build Your Self – Esteem, Confidence and Belief
  • Unleash the Power of Your True Self

The book is a clear statement of what you choose to receive from the universe and an acknowledgement of its manifestation in your life. It is a declaration of your creative power. Once an intent is set into motion, it aligns with your higher self and what you experience is nothing short of magic. Intent is not a wish, because wishes don’t always come true. Even seemingly impossible tasks can be accomplished when backed by the power of intent. The purpose of this book is to make available to you, your own powerful ability the power of intention.

About the Author


Shilpi Chawla is an explorer of the unknown. She has been a seeker from childhood studying various practices right from Healing Art of Living Vipassana EFT Hypnosis Shamanism etc. Shilpi is a certified Angel Therapy practitioner. She is a certified Heal Your Life teacher for the philosophy of Louise Hay. She has conducted workshops on healing with the intention of making this a better world.

Published by: Embassy Books