She & Me

She, chirpy, peppy, exuberant
Full of life, enthusiasm
Takes life as it comes

Faces life head-on

Dresses Hollywoodian style

Make-up & styling, OTT

Loves to eat, drink and be merry

Bold, Independent, Free!

Child, her constant companion

Men friends freak out on her

Women friends adore her

Family loves her

For her life is a Party

Ever-smiling, God-fearing,

Devout Catholic!!

Angel Angela!!!

Me, serious, analytical, thinker

Love to living life my way

Dressing, simple Indian

Make Up, minimalist

Teetotaller, Vegetarian, Minimal

Child, my life-line

Husband, my support system

Someone’s Love, Overwhelming

Clear-headed, straightforward, dedicated

Speak less, think more

Never crossed the lines drawn by

Family, marital home

Live to read, write & sing

For me, life is everything Arty

Like to be loved for who I am

Friends dote on me

Me, a Hindu, Spiritual, Religious!

So different, yet so similar

Our meetings, like house-on-fire

We connect so enviously well

Though poles apart in our

Attitude, Aptitude & Approach

Still understand each other so well

Love her presents from London

She loves my presents from India

Enjoys my cuisines, loves my company

Shares freely, laughs heartily…

Brightens my space with her presence!