The cover says: From the Bestselling Author of “And We Walked Away” which painted several hearts with beautiful hues of romance and love from the perspective of protagonist Abhimanyu to Karan Deewan’s roller-coaster ride of emotions while dealing with women, his own idea of life, where relationships are beyond commitment, We Met for a Reason is a completely different take on love and life.

Sorry! but that’s me appropriately defines Karan Deewan who is a true representative of Gen X, handsome looks, intelligent demeanour, fancy degree, a fancier job in Stockholm, exciting love life…life was a breeze until he gets infatuated by his beautiful colleague, Anika. A Patna boy, who is known not only for making a mark in his career but for his lover boy image, Karan lives it to the hilt.

The story moves from Europe’s beautiful city Stockholm to the India’s City of Dreams, Mumbai culminates in Dil ki Dhadkan – Dilli. Most of the action is Mumbai centric where he falls deeply in love with an aspiring model Shanaya – quite an unusual choice – Sorry! but that’s him. His friend Dhruv is quite an endearing character, as a friend and as a human being who thinks well of his friend, but never fails to speak his mind.

In between there is a character of Mrs Shalini Kashyap, a married but passionate lover woman, who blends well with the persona of Karan, who thinks relationships are beyond emotional tie-ups. Karan’s character is layered, one moment he is a commitment-phobic lover boy, another moment he is a passionate and possessive lover.

‘Destiny’ is another prominent character in this tale of love, loss, betrayal, happiness, surprises, death and life!

Karan’s roller-coaster love life meets its destiny in a melodramatic manner…

The book is interspersed with appropriate Shayari which merges with the narrative seamlessly and every quote is worth pondering.

Tere Sitam ka kya gila karein, tujhse kya shikayat karein, Bus itni si dua hai apni, khuda teri hifazat karein                                                                  Or

Like two failed people can’t lead a successful life, two successful people can’t lead a peaceful life.

There are many such gems all over the book that will set your thinking rather challenge your thinking.

Shalini Kashyap is a transforming face of society where women break taboos to lead the life, they want to. Shanaya is an overtly ambitious woman, who wants to make it big in life and Anika is a lovelorn professional woman, who takes life with ease and grace. All three woman are starkly different and Karan is different for all three of them, his journey has been excruciating with dollops of warm affection, deep love and spicy sex.

Dialogues between two friends have a deep meaning which uncovers the hearts of two youngsters who are truly representative of GenX. The book will appeal to youngsters and no more youngsters alike!

We Met for a Reason is an intriguing tale of Karan who meets three women in quick succession, starkly different from each other with whom he goes through a roller-coaster ride of emotions while unravelling his idea of life and love.

Subrat Saurabh’s first collection – Kuch Who Pal was a beautiful collection of poems drawing leaves from his life followed by a second – And we walked away, which had many hues of romance and love, the present book is a shift from these two. It is a more mature take on love and life.

It is a decoction of love, romance, passion, sex, adultery…which is a spicy shift from his earlier work, but a sizzling one.

Loved it!