She is Oprah Winfrey of our lives! #SheInspires

I can’t recollect when she quietly entered my life, And voila! My life has never been the same again!

Mrs Smita Mehta
Tarot Card Reader

I had a chance meeting with her at The Village (Restaurant) in a Mall at Kandivali where she was doing some predictions with cards in front of her. The curious cat that I am, I went to her to know what she was doing. She explained with patience what Tarot Card reading was all about. I didn’t know anything about Tarot Card till then.

I took another round of the place and watched her reading cards and talking to people. Somehow, I felt very drawn towards her because of her peaceful and spiritual, of course, beautiful demeanour. Considering the happy-go-lucky person that I am, I never believed much in astrology or any such thing. Still, I tried cards and she gave me answers, to which I didn’t pay any heed to, even forgot about it.

Few months elapsed and things started following the pattern, which she had predicted. Now, I frantically started searching her card for her contact details but no luck. But जहाँ चाह वहां राह, the card resurfaced and I called her. She invited me to her place, this is the first time, I visited her house, which was a simple Gujarati household.

I had something more to ask, one thing followed another…we could see the line was diminishing between client and reader, we were becoming friends. I started opening up with her, we started sharing our joys and sorrows. A bond started developing and as time passed, we became united by a unique bond of love and respect. I turned to her advice for even the smallest of things!

She is Smita Mehta who has inspired me in many ways.  From her humble beginnings with early marriage in the late 80s in ordinary Gujarati family burdened with societal and financial norms, she fought it all with elan. Her calm & peaceful exterior tells the story of the storms inside her. Fighting the financial odds early in life, she thought of supplementing the family income. Now the big question was what to do and how to do with a full family to boot? It was then she realised that she had a very good way with making future predictions.

While in school, she would read friends’ palm and tell them things, which turned out to be true many times. Probably, what she was doing for fun in school came handy when she was to choose the career. Now her struggle started with collecting information, studying, doing courses in Astrology, Vaastu and Tarot Card Reading.  She started doing it all free for her friends and relatives and word spread. This was the time when her friends told her to use her talent and charge a modest fee for it. Probably since then, there has been no looking back! Her struggle has been so inspirational, with two children and extended family dependent on her, she paved the way for herself.

Smita Di has climbed one ladder after another, she has done studies in her field ( She just took exams, when she is a grandmother) and boasts of international clientele in the US, Canada and UAE. I am close witness to her immense achievements in life, but she is just the same Smita Di for me. Always ready to help, always ready to listen, always ready to advise and what to say of her predictions! She has so many of us in her fan base! Her assurances are so motivating, so enlightening. An out-an-out-people’s person, she has a deep understanding of her client’s psychology.

Her struggle has taken her places literally!

From an unsure housewife of yesterday to the well-known astrologer, tarot card reader and Vastu expert of today, she has seen it all! She has faced it all!!

She is the Oprah Winfrey of our lives!





3 thoughts on “She is Oprah Winfrey of our lives! #SheInspires”

  1. Binu Vaghela I am touched.You are
    Excellent in your work.grow such a great that Sky Is The limit for you.I feel very happy that I have got the friend like you 😊❤️

  2. Smita…Oh!! She is my lifeline.Whenever stuck with something Smita is always there to help me.Her predictions are always guidelines for me.Thankyou Smita for your guidance, friendship, love, caring which you have given me all through our 20 years.Hope you have a wonderful life.God bless us !!

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